Sports Specific

Sport-Specific Training

So you have started playing rugby, football or even badminton at the weekends and it’s not as easy as you remember it.  You’re finding that you’re getting injured easily and even if you don’t, it’s taking you a couple of days to recover from the match/game.

This is because your body has to be conditioned to participate in sport. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete or whether it’s a game of rugby or a game of badminton, your muscles not only have to be strong and supple, they have to be conditioned for the appropriate sport.  There’s no point in just training your muscles for maximum strength if the activity that you’re participating in requires speed, strength and endurance.
The same can be said about the cardiovascular system – the ability of the body to utilise oxygen as part of the energy system. There’s no point doing a 3 mile run every week to prepare for the above activities that involve short bursts of energy.  Part of your training should always simulate actions that are used in a particular activity and stress the relevant energy systems. 

Whether you’re training for a game of football or an Ironman Triathlon, your training should always be applicable to the sport.

If you’re training for your first charity event or you need some extra sessions to gain the edge over your team mates or competition, my sport-specific programme might be just what you are looking for.  With my vast experience in competitive sport and training, and a combination of skills, drills and analytical software, I can cater for most sports.

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